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“When you play, never mind who listens to you

Robert Schumann, composer
1810 - 1856


Since the early 1980s Bennett Pianos has tuned and maintained literally thousands of pianos across the greater Bay of Plenty region. Our commitment to our craft spans two generations of the Bennett family. We are ARPT qualified, and Registered Piano Tuners & Technicians of the PTTGNZ and APTTA

Learner playing piano
Knowledge counts

When it comes to your piano,  be sure to put your trust in good hands - knowledge counts and we draw on decades of experience, backed up by current  industry qualifications recognised throughout Australia and New Zealand

Piano Tuning


Every piano is unique and should be tuned according to it's individual characteristics, to ensure the best sound quality and tuning stability. Our attention to the finer details gives you the best possible results

A combination of factors including a piano's age, condition, environment and usage, all account for gradual changes in pitch, but regular tuning by qualified experts will keep your piano sounding great for the long term

Piano tuner
Grand piano regulation
Piano Regulation


Over time pianos go out of adjustment due to wear, variations in temperature, humidity and other factors. These changes can make a piano feel more difficult to play, discouraging beginners and more advanced players alike

Regulation is the process of resetting the proper tolerances and adjustments within the piano, to make it play as efficiently as possible

As a customer of ours we'll let you know if regulation would enhance your piano, and your enjoyment in playing it

Piano Repair


Pianos are complex mechanical instruments with lots of moving parts. So it stands to reason that repairs will be needed from time to time. We have the necessary skills and experience to tackle most aspects of piano repair and maintenance, using industry best practices

If your piano is tuned regularly by us, we'll be sure to recommend any repairs or maintenance as necessary, to assure you of it's longevity

Upright piano repairs
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